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The Dynamic Impact Test

    This test was introduced to simulate a kick to a security screen after it was found that grilles fitted to security screen were subject to impact breakage through either forward or reverse kicking of the grille panel.

    This test is performed with a swinging leather bag filled with sand and lead and weighing between 36 and 46kg. At impact the bag imparts 100 joules of energy to the panel being tested. The test is repeated 5 times, simulating repeated kicking as the burglar attempts to break into your home.

    The test panel fails the test if the infill material (mesh) comes out of the door or window framing, or if the impact breaches the material in any way.

    Crimsafepasses because at impact the hooking feature of the uniqueScrew-ClampTM(which runs along every edge of the product) levers into the aluminium frame and spreads the load right around the perimeter of the product, rather than allowing the force to be concentrated at the point of impact. The mechanical fastening of the clamp to the mesh also resists the tendency of the mesh to be pulled out of the frame. These features permit MAISHI MFG to withstand enormous force.

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